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trafficO2 is an app for smartphones that aims to reduce traffic and pollution offering citizens a convenient agreement:




Using trafficO2 is easy: you will just need to open the app and start moving to earn O2 points.You can also select a starting point and a destination for informations on the way according to different mobility options. Each possible choice is described by emissions, cost and calories expended. Choose your transport: the more environmentally friendly will grant you more O2 points.


We'll set custom goals based on your transportation habits to make your everyday life more eco friendly. And then we'll help you reach those goals with trafficO2. You can also share your itineraries on the social networks and challenge your friends. Finally, you can earn extra points with the flash-quiz raffled by our partners.



Collect O2 points and win prizes and coupons from our partners and sponsors. With trafficO2 everybody win: citizens are rewarded for their sustainable behaviors, partners gain new clients and sponsors get visibility for their environmental ethics.


SUV means Sustainable Urban Values. It is the challenge/test of trafficO2 for the students of the University of Palermo. Developed in the experimental activity of the project, it will allow the students to beta test the app and contribute to its development.


The effect of trafficO2

The first SUV Challenge (Sustainable Urban Values) took place from May 28 to to June 28, 2014. It involved the students of the University of Palermo and pushed them to change their mobility habits. The effect was positive.

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22 active users have downloaded trafficO2 facing the traffic of Palermo to attend to the first SUV Challenge

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Sustainable km

During the challenge the students, using the app, have covered 730 km on feet and by bike

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A greener city

During the first SUV Challenge - thanks to the students who have used trafficO2 - 17,640 kg of cO2 have been spared.

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Local partners who support trafficO2 contribute to reduce the number of cars in Palermo to make it a greener city. They support and reward those who move in a sustainable way

La Drogheria del Buongusto

La Drogheria del Buongusto

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Margotta Bijoux

Margotta Bijoux

Negozi e servizi

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Piazza del Duomo

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Lo Scrigno

Lo Scrigno

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Chiesa di Santa Maria Segreta

Chiesa di Santa Maria Segreta

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Nel 2012 il progetto ha vinto il bando "Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation", promosso dal Ministero dell'istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca.

«Immaginate cosa succederebbe se ogni università italiana, o meglio ancora ogni università europea, adottasse trafficO2. Le nostre città sarebbero più belle e pulite e i nostri studenti sarebbero davvero degli smart citizens»

Francesco Profumo, ex-Ministro dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca.

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