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The project

Social innovation for the community’s urban mobility

A smartphone app that aims to reduce traffic and pollution by involving organized communities of citizens, local businesses and sponsors through a convenient partnership: prizes for sustainable trips.

trafficO2 has won the contract “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation” promoted by MIUR in 2012.









Move Play Win

More livable cities and happier citizens

  • By selecting on the map a starting and arrival point, you will be able to visualize how to move: walking, biking, with public transportation or by car-pooling. Each choice will be described by time, distance, cost, emissions and burnt calories.

    The more sustainable the transportation, the more points will be obtained.

  • You will be able to share your routes on the social networks, and will be able to involve your friends through challenges on who saves the most CO2.

    Furthermore, you will be able to collect points through fun games and quizzes.

  • You will be able to spend the collected points on prizes and discount cards.

    With trafficO2 everyone wins: citizens protect the planet’s environment, the local businesses acquire new customers and the sponsors obtain visibility for their environmental ethics.






How it works

Smart cities to transform problems in opportunity

By subscribing to trafficO2, the selected communities and businesses give users the opportunity to use the app on their smartphones.

The users, by moving within the city, earn points based on the sustainability of the vehicle they choose and win prizes given by the local businesses and sponsors.
The local businesses and sponsors become trafficO2 stations: starting and arrival points from which the route will be planned.

Thanks to the visibility obtained on the platform, local businesses and sponsors earn new clients to whom they will provide fidelity programs through discounts and prizes.

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Changing the attitude towards mobility

Palermo is the fifth city in Italy with highest density of registered vehicles; however, it has a limited demand for public transportation (data from ISTAT 2012). Therefore, Palermo represents the ideal location in which to test our project, which is sponsored by Palermo Town Council, University of Palermo and AMAT.

The experiment started its developing in December 2013, involving a group of university students, selected during Mobility, behaviors: apps workshop.


« Imagine what would happen if every university in Italy…or even better every European university would adopt this instrument! Our cities would be cleaner and our citizens smarter!». Francesco Profumo, ex-Secretary of the Department of Education